To: Phillip Treiman, MD
From: Penelope

Thank you to Dr. Phillip Treiman for saving my husbands life with an early diagnosis of CML. I will be eternally grateful.

To: Renee Sangrigoli, MD & Rob Sangrigoli, MD
From: Cara

Thank you to Dr. Renee Sangrigoli and to Dr. Rob Sangrigoli for the years of medical care. I am so grateful to you both for everything. Thank you to you both and to your amazing team (especially Louise and Tricia who are so patient and helpful!).

To: Doylestown Health
From: James and Susan

Always a smile, positive attitude, and words of encouragement. You're the best!

To: Steven Guidera, MD
From: Julie

Dr. Steve Guidera is a compassionate, caring, and excellent cardiologist who I am proud to call my friend. He always goes the extra mile.

To: Atul Rao, MD
From: Gary

Dr. Atul Rao is a man of integrity and professionalism with a true sense of caring and compassion.

To: Scott Levy, MD, Al Ruenes, MD & Ho Pak, MD
From: Thomas

Dr. Scott Levy, Thanks for managing our care! You made all the difference to both of us, when we weren't sure where to turn. You're the best!

Dr. Al Ruenes, Thanks for your wonderful personal care Dr. Al! I know we can always count on you when we need you. Glad to call you a friend.

Dr. Ho Pak, Thanks so much for the wonderful care you provided. Glad to know we have the best health care right here in Doylestown.

To: Michael Adenaike, MD
From: Marilyn

Dr. Michael Adenaike is my cardiologist, and he has taken excellent care of me. He is very thorough and cares about his patients. Doylestown Health is fortunate to have him. Thank you Dr. Adenaike.

To: Frank W. Grzywacz, MD
From: Michael

Dr. Frank W. Grzywacz, Thanks for always having the time to answer my questions, and a special thanks for speaking to my daughter (a fellow Temple Med Grad) at the last Walk with a Doc breakfast gathering in New Hope.

To: Nicole Geracimos, MD
From: Pierre

Thank you to Dr. Nicole Geracimos for her fantastic competence, dedication, and kindness. 

To: Steven Guidera, MD
From: Bob

Thanks Dr. Steve Guidera for your gifted hands and your great attitude and personality, helping me through my challenging times.

To: Les Szekely, MD, Pinak Acharya, MD, & Manuel Jimenez, MD
From: Lisa

Thank you to Drs. Szekely, Archaya, Jimenez, and the entire Critical Care & Pulmonry team for the amazing care they provided!

To: Paul Zakrzewski
From: Anne

Dr. Paul Zakrzewski has been my doctor for many years. He is a good listener and has always given me wise counsel and excellent care. I appreciate him more than I can say. Thank you, Dr. Z.

To: Frank W. Grzywacz, MD
From: Judith

Thanks to Dr. Frank Grzywacz. I have been a patient many times & received excellent care.

To: Alan Abramowitz, DO
From: Bill

Thanks Dr. Alan Abramowitz for watching over me and caring for my health. I am grateful for all your time and effort in providing the best health care for me. For all you do, I am truly blessed.

To: Elizabeth McKenna, MD
From: Adelaide

Dr. Elizabeth Mc Kenna is a wonderful doctor, and an incredibly caring person. Her interest in my 92-year mother’s health and well-being is truly appreciated!

To: Susan Purcell, MD
From: Sandra

Dr. Susan Purcell is kind, caring, courteous, and respectful. I know I can trust her with all my health concerns. She has cared for three generations of my family. Dr. Purcell and her staff are the best! 

To: Healthcare Heroes
From: James

Grateful to all of the healthcare workers and hospital staff who cared for Covid patients and stood in for families all over the world so that our loved ones were not alone. 

To: Suzanne Kelly, MD
From: Edward

Dr Suzanne Kelly is a great doctor who really cares about her patients!

To: Caroline Heise, MD
From: Elizabeth

Dr. Caroline Heise, Thank you and your staff for your medical care and for caring about your community. You go above and beyond and we appreciate everything you do!

To: Steven Guidera, MD
From: Marvin

Dr. Steve Guidera, 

Thanks for all you do for our family and friends!

To: Renee Sangrigoli, MD & Joseph McGarvey, Jr., MD
From: Louis

Dr. Renee Sangrigoli and Dr. Joseph McGarvey, Jr. are the best heart team in the world!

To: Jean Krauss, RN, BSN, IBCLC
From: Lauren

In honor of Caroline's first birthday, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for Jean Krauss and her endless support in my breastfeeding journey.

To: Mitchell Alden, MD
From: Steve

Dr. Mitchell Alden, You took care of my mother a few years back when she was dealing with cancer and Alzheimers and you were so kind to her. Now, you will be taking care of a dear friend of mine. Thank you.

To: Doylestown Health Nurses
From: Judith

I have been a patient many times over the years and have always received excellent care. Thank you to all the nurses for the sacrifices you make every day to ensure a caring and safe stay.

To: Steven Guidera, MD
From: Cheryl

Dr. Steven Guidera, 

Thank you for saving my husband's life after he suffered a heart attack.

To: Emergency Department Nursing Staff
From: Theresa

Thank you Emergency Department Nursing Staff for going above and beyond every day!

To: Doylestown Health Nurses
From: Linda

Many thanks to all of the nurses for their hard work and great care.

To: Marlene Rosenblum, RN
From: Ed and Lauren

In honor of Caroline's first birthday, we wanted to express our deepest gratitude for Marlene Rosenblum. From childbirth classes, to labor and delivery support, to postpartum encouragement, Marlene has played a special role in our parenthood journey.